sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2010

Quercus suber; 4D; 13; Pé-Bom (Final)

O retoque final: Verniz, grafite, pastel seco e mais verniz. Com a intenção de aumentar a textura do suporte.
The final retouch: Varnish, graphite, dry pastel and more varnish. With the intention of increase the texture of the support.

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3 comentários:

Art with Liz disse...

I really enjoy your work - this is great.

Manuel Casabranca disse...

"The drawing is very good. If you make copies of the drawing you can work out the different solutions. Perhaps a series will emerge. At least the drawing is then preserved as you find the finish you want."

Manuel Casabranca disse...

Thank you Liz and Kim for your comments. I really like the concept of series of drawings :-)